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Election Observation Committee was created in 2013 by a group of members of civil society to form an organization that would monitor the election without suffering from any sense of any political biases. In that sense the primary objective of EOC is to monitor election. Since a fair and free election cannot be ensured in […]

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Completed Projects: What we have done

Observation of second constitutional assembly election 2013. Interaction programs on civic education. Publication of several books including 2 bulletins and a handbook on Democracy for strengthening civic education.  Study on “election campaign finance of local election, 2017” in Nepal. Observation of local elections 2017. Observation of  Provincial Assembly Elections and House of Representatives, 2017  

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Ongoing Projects : What we are doing

  Study on the “Election Campaign Finance of House of Representatives and  Provincial Assembly Elections, 2017” in Nepal.

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Thematic Areas

Election Observation Voter Education Civic Education Electoral Study

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